How to Connect to MState Printers (Spartan-Printing)

Spartan-Printing is a college-wide print queue. Documents sent to this printer will be held in the queue for 24 hours and can be released at any Konica or HP Multi-Function Printer (MFP) device on any campus. To release print jobs, simply swipe your ID Card (or enter StarID and password) and follow on-screen prompts.

Follow these instructions to install Spartan Printing:

  1. Press the (Windows Key + R)
    • Type:  \\
    • Click OK
  2. When prompted, enter your
    • Username: ad\yourStarId (use your StarID)
    • Password: Your StarID password
  3. Check the Save My Credentials box.
  4. Right-click on the Spartan-Printing to install.
  5. Click Connect. It may take a few moments for the printer to install.
  6. If prompted, click Install Driver.

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