Printer Installation for Students

M State students should follow these instructions to install campus printers:

  1. Press the (Windows Key + R) and type in \\

  2. When prompted, enter AD\yourstarid (use your StarID though after AD\) and password.

  3. Check the Save My Credentials box.

  4. Scroll to find Spartan-Printing and right-click on it.

  5. Click Connect.

  6. If prompted, click yes 

  7. You then have to sign in to a Konica Copier or select HP copiers on any campus to release your print job, You can sign in with your starid and password or by swiping your student ID


If you need to add a program specific printer, please follow these steps:

1. Press the (Windows Key + R key)

a. Type \\ for Detroit Lakes

b. Type \\ for Fergus Falls

 c. Type \\ for Wadena

 d. Type \\ for Moorhead

2. When prompted, enter ad\yourstarid (use your StarID though after AD\) and password

3. Check the Save my Credentials box

4. Right-click on the desired printer or print queue to install. Example of printer name: DP-C107-BW (named by campus-room#-BW or Color). Sticker will be located on the front of each printer in case you have a difficult time finding the printer name.

5. Click Connect

6. If prompted, click Yes

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