Connecting to SpartanWifi

1. Click the network icon in the lower-right corner of your screen.
2. Select your network status from the menu that appears.
3. Select Join other... in the lower-left corner.
4. Select Advanced in the lower-left corner.
5. Enter the correct settings for SpartanWifi:

SSID: SpartanWifi
EAP Method: PEAP
Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2
Server CA Certificate: Do Not Check
User Certificate: None Installed
Identity: StarID
Password: StarID Password
Anonymous Identity:

6. Click Connect.


Connect to SpartanWiFi

Type your StarID or Guest Account if you are a visitor

Type your StarID password or Guest Password



Mac users may get a “trust the certificate” message; go ahead and trust this.

Mac users who have attended an event and used a previous guest account or user/pass in the past may have to delete their profile before reconnecting to the SpartanWiFi.  You will know this is the case if you don't get prompted to put in a username/password when trying to connect to the SpartanWiFi.

You can do this by going to settings>WiFi>click the little (i) on the far right of the SpartanWiFi connection>click forget this network. Now you can reconnect, and it should prompt for a username and password.

Android/Chromebooks/Android tablets

            Here are the settings that need to be selected before your able to join the network.

SSID: SpartanWiFi
Identity: StarID
Password: StarID Password
CA certificate: Do not verify

On Google Pixel (Android), it forces a response to CA certificate. Select use system certificates, select do not verify for online certificate status, and use domain Accept the certificate if you receive the message.

Windows 8 or higher operating systems

Connect to SpartanWiFi

 Enter your username and password

 You may get an accept a certificate message; go ahead and accept it.

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