Setup Spartan-Printing on an Android Device

  1. Make sure your Android device is connected to SpartanWiFi. Need help connecting to SpartanWiFi?

  2. On your Android device navigate to: http://vff-print:9163/setup

  3. Click "Install or update

    1. Next you will be navigate to the app store, click "Install" (You may need to enter your password depending on your security settings)

    2. After the Mobility Print app is installed, click "Open"

    3. Click "Allow" for Mobility Print to send you notifications

    4. Click "Tap here and check the Mobility Print Service is on", if Mobility Print is off, click the slider to enable the service

  4. In an app that you want to print your document hit the menu icon (Typically this is three dots stacked on the upper right hand corner), either click "Share" then "Print", or only "Print"

  5. Then select "Spartan-Printing" as your printer, and click the print icon/button

  6. If you are prompted for sign in use the following:

    1. Username: yourStarID (ex: ab1234cd)

    2. Password: your StarID password

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