Logging in to SpartanNet and Microsoft 365 Changes

On December 19, 2022, your login to SpartanNet and Microsoft 365 Apps changed

Why the change occurred:

  1. We will require all accounts to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when logging into SpartanNet (Read more about MFA)
  2. Students and alumni will not need to log into their email after logging into SpartanNet
  3. Admitted students will be able to log into eServices and SpartanNet shortly after they are admitted.

How does this affect me?

  • All Students: When logging into SpartanNet, your user name will be: StarID@go.minnstate.edu (The same one you use to log into your email), the password will be StarID password. 

  • Alumni: You will retain access to your @go.minnesota.edu email for approximately 1 year instead of 1 year

  • Admitted students: Shortly, after you are admitted to M State, you will be able to log in to eServices and SpartanNet. After 1 day, you will be able to access your M State email (firstName.lastName@go.minnesota.edu)
    • If you do not register for a class within 60 days after the start of your admitted term you will lose access to your M State email
    • For example, if you are admitted for Fall of 2024, you will have 60 days after the start of the term sometime around the end of October or early November
  • The login screen will look different when logging into SpartanNet:

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