Connect to MState VPN

Connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides users access to network resources from an off-campus location.  

Follow these steps to set-up the Microsoft VPN on your computer. 

  1. click Start
  2. select Settings
  3. select Network & Internet
  4. select VPN
  5. select Add a VPN connection
  6. enter the following information:
    • VPN Provider - Windows (built-in)
    • Connection Name - MSTATE VPN
    • Server name or address for Faculty and Staff - 
    • Server name for Students -
    • VPN type - Automatic (or try SSTP if Automatic doesn't work)
    • Type of sign-in info - User name and password
    • User name (optional) -  leave blank
    • Password (optional) -  leave blank
    • uncheck Remember my sign-in info
  7. click Save

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