Moorhead campus print queues

To print to any Konica Minolta copier on the moorhead campus, please follow the link below to get steps to install the Spartan-Printing queue:


  1. Click windows+R to open a run prompt
  2. Type in "\\"
  3. Enter the following info into the credential box
    1. Username: ad\StarID
    2. Password: StarID Password
  4. Right click on Spartan-Printing
  5. Click Connect and wait for the printer to install (this might take a few minutes)


  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go to Printers
  3. Click the + under the printer list
  4. Click advanced
    1. If advanced isn't there, right click the title bar and click customize
    2. Drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar
  5. Copy the settings below into the corresponding fields:
    1. Type: Windows printer via spoolss
    2. Device: Another Device
    3. URL: smb://
    4. Name: Spartan-Printing
    5. Location: LEAVE BLANK
    6. Use: Generic PostScript
  6. Click add
  7. The first time you print you will need to enter your StarID and password in a credential pop up

Moorhead Campus Printer Locations

Second Floor C Wing

West Commons

East Commons


Available for faculty and staff use only:



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