Detroit Lakes Campus Spartan-Printing Printers

Listed below are the print queues that users must install so they can print to a Konica unit and use the FollowMe print card reader.

Detroit Lakes Campus

Available for faculty and staff use only

WorkForce Development (A101) -  DP-A101-Copier on VDL-Print

Student Services (E101)  - DP-E101-Copier on VDL-Print 

Mailroom - DP-E101N-Copier on VDL-Print

Faculty Work Room F113 - DP-F113-Copier on VDL-Print

Available for Students:

F101 Hallway - DP-F101-Copier on VDL-Print

Library - DP-F109-Copier on VDL-Print 

Arch/Civil classroom - DP-F116-Copier on VDL-Print  

PowerSports Classroom - DP-G113-Copier on VDL-Print

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