Printing Credit

At the start of each semester, enrolled students receive a $12.50 print credit (approximately 250 B&W sheets).

  • Printing is $.05 per page for black & white and $.10 per page for color, across the college.

    • NOTE: a two-sided print is considered two pages and would cost $.10 if Black & White.

  • The cost per page is automatically subtracted from a student's print balance each time they print.

  • Students may print to any networked campus printer until their balance reaches zero.

  • For additional printing, students may add money to their print balance at a print kiosk machine, or by visiting the bookstore.  

  • The unused "free" print credit a student receives each semester does not carry forward from semester to semester. 

  • If a student adds their own money to their print balance, that money does carry over.

  • There are no refunds for unused print balances, so please plan accordingly.

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