Conference Call Instructions

Conference calls (six people maximum, including yourself)

For M State employees only

Option 1

CONFRN (outgoing calls)

  •       While a call is in progress, press Confrn (press the MORE soft key to see Confrn if necessary)  
  •       Enter the participant's phone number
  •       Wait for the call to connect
  •       Press Confrn again to add the participant to your call
  •       Repeat to add additional participants

    **Note: To see who is connected to the conference call, press the Conflist button. All participants on the call will be displayed.

Option 2

JOIN  (incoming calls)
   To answer the second incoming call

  •       Press the ANSWER soft key (pressing this soft key automatically puts the first caller on hold and picks up the new call)

    To join these two callers to create a three-way call

  •       Scroll to the call that is on hold
  •       Press the MORE soft key if needed
  •       Press the JOIN soft key

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