Web Print

  1. Navigate to: https://vdl-papercut.minnesota.edu:9192/user, you may be prompted with a "Your connection is not private" message, you may safely accept and continue.
    1. Sign in with StarID and StarID password
  2. Click Web Print

Web Print link in the user interface

  1. Click Submit a Job to start the Web Print wizard.

The front Web Print page before any jobs have been submitted

  1. Click Upload Documents, and select the number of copies to print

Web Print wizard step 2: selecting the number of copies for a Web Print job

  1. Click Upload from Computer and upload a document, you may upload more than one document at a time. This page lists the applications and associated file extensions that are supported. After you upload your documents click Upload & Complete.

Web Print wizard step 3: upload a document

  1. When the status changes to "Held in a queue", you may print your document at any printer set up for Spartan-Printing.

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